8 Best Free Construction Estimate Templates

To prevent concerns later, it’s vital that you have predictions correct at the start. You may use design accounting tools with cost estimating functions to produce expert cost estimates.

But often, all you need is a simple document that gives a straightforward snapshot of your project to your customers and team. Fortunately, there are plenty of free building estimate models.

How to use a free construction estimate template?

To bring together a reliable calculation, you need a design that is easy-to-use. It is important to provide items such as database price updating, maps, and other software resources, but the initial simple estimation sheet does not require complicated software.

Take a look at the following step-by-step list after you have selected from the template choices below to come up with a good estimate using a tool called unit costing:

  • Compile all line components for the job (assemblies)
  • Link a unit cost to any object on the line
  • Complete and have your numbers checked by a trained second party
  • To get a final offer, add you’re normal markup to

Before you start, though, beware of possible pitfalls, such as failing to read all applicable project documentation or refusing to input an expense.

With those caveats out of the way, which models would help you navigate the fundamental tasks of an estimation coming up? We have checked a number of free models and picked the following eight choices that can fulfill a range of needs for estimating construction.

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The Best 8 Free Estimate Templates for Construction

1. Construction work estimate template

Construction work estimate template

If you have a straightforward job and need a clear overview of what it’s going to entail, this blueprint works. The prototype, from Template.net, provides a summary portion of the design work to explain the project in two to three sentences. There are then single lines about how much it would cost the whole job and who is making the calculation.

Obviously, in terms of specificity or transparency, there is not much here, but this is only ideal for a basic and comparatively cheap job that does not require a lot of expensive breakdowns.

2. Construction proposal contract template

Construction proposal contract template

This simple framework can be used by subcontractors and manufacturers to have a fast snapshot of what their work would cost. The template does not calculate amounts for you, so you’re going to need to manually decide the numbers.

The prototype helps you to explain the basics of your building project briefly and what it would cost for the customer to finish it. It would not encourage you to have an incredibly comprehensive project breakdown, but if you need to help your client understand just the basics, it will work.

The prototype also acts as a customer contract, with a place to sign and date at the bottom, as well as additional space to provide the owner with a special note.

3. Work quote template

Work quote template

By including automated estimates of not only labor and supplies but also incentives and tax (if any), a work quotation prototype takes a step forward to estimate.

You may use this template, similar to the two above, to explain details such as the labor and resources needed to complete a project. It also acts as a legally binding contract after the consumer has approved it, with the provision to expire within a specified time ( e.g. project extension) on negotiated rates/terms.

4. Soft versus hard costs template

Soft versus hard costs template

When clients ask for a thorough breakdown of the calculation, this template is helpful. It separates soft costs (accounting expenses, taxes, legal fees, licenses, etc.) and hard costs (cost of supplies, labor, etc.), which helps consumers to see the exact project costs without any surprises until the actual invoice is received.

This template will be used to provide consumers with clarity on unusual costs, such as LEED certification costs, that may emerge.

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5. Estimating and budgeting template

Estimating and budgeting template

You can download this free Building Advisor spreadsheet in either Excel or Word, and it allows you to record cost estimates versus actual costs, as well as due payments and balances. This template helps you to monitor how your calculation performs over the process of a building project.

According to Building Advisor, the template provides the following features:

  • Budgeting Checklist.
  • An estimation checklist.
  • Estimated versus real cost monitoring for each line item (called “work costs”)
  • Pay monitoring and sum owed to all manufacturers and subcontractors

6. Construction budget template

Construction budget template

This template is provided by SmartSheet, which helps you to split out the expense data in terms of hours, prices, units, unit cost, fixed cost, and so on. It also helps you to equate the budget expense with the real cost, which is useful in the future when working out related projects.

This spreadsheet is specifically for proposals for renovation and remodeling, helping you to build a more detailed construction project budget. For you, the spreadsheet even does the equations.

7. Bid tabulation template

Bid tabulation template

Another SmartSheet design lets you arrange the several bid items that make up the final bid number and then compare them with the estimation of the engineer from various contractors.

Many building sites have hundreds of contract items, but as the sums are manually put together, it is not unusual to find mistakes. This example forbids tabulation will check that the final bid number is correct. It also has a column with an estimate by an engineer to equate to the amount budgeted.

8. Construction estimate template

Construction estimate template

In addition to supplies, such as building permits, liability premiums, and fees, this blueprint is also basically a spreadsheet of all the other costs that come with a construction project.

It’s important to notify them about these expenses when you’re dealing with a customer because they appreciate all that goes into a project and are not surprised when they get the bill.

What other free construction estimate templates are out there?

This study lists only a few of the free construction estimation models available. It doesn’t need to be difficult to bring a simple calculation together, but there are certainly several different models for different types of building projects.

Is there a free template that you have found helpful? Did you make a couple of your own? In the comments below, please let us know.

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