Use of Price Lists in Construction Sector

Price lists and trade literatures provides a lot of important information that are very useful in estimating purposes. Usually whole sellers, goods distributers, importers and manufactures issue those information.

Those help to get a good knowledge about the current construction world like what are the new types of materials, equipments, construction items and the prices of them.

Having accurate and reliable information is very important in pricing. Therefore as a Quantity Surveyor we should aware of them is must.

Available features in trade literatures.

  • Advantages of using those particular product
  • Method of application/ how to use
  • Provides the prices (price lists)
  • Available places/ contact information
  • Published date of the price list.
  • Available shapes/ sizes/ colors etc.
  • Mention whether the prices are including or excluding VAT
  • Quality standard.
  • Pictures

manufacture’s or importer’s name and trade mark

1) Advantages of using those particular product

With some trade literatures, they provide what are the advantages of using them, why we should use them, various applications of them other than basic (common) applications.

If the product is new to the market or industry, we can get an idea about those products like why we use them, to where we use them.

This type of information is specially important to design stage professionals. Specially for Quantity Surveyor, these type of information enhance or update his/her knowledge about the current construction market.

The particular trade literature on Multilac Sealer provides the new application of the sealer like application on concrete, cement blocks, bricks and inner surface of water tanks to prevent water seepage.

2) Method of application/ how to use

Provide the best way to apply the particular item or good. It would be the most economical way to application. This type of information is very important to keep the quality of them within required level. Also provides mixing proportions of some goods, pre and post activities of the application.

For Quantity Surveyor, this type of information is very important when prepare and pricing BOQs. If the particular product is a paint, cement or chemical, then we can provide mixing proportions easily by referring this information.

The particular literature relation to MULTILAC sealer provides how to prepare surface before apply, instruments used to apply (roller/brush), time intervals between successive coats.

3) Provides the prices (price lists)

Price lists are one of very important information source for Quantity Surveyor, because we always deals with prices.

Prices are presented in many ways. It would be given as the type or shape available with the price or in unit rate.

The referred CAUSEWAY paint price list gives type with the price for available sizes. Here the price of a one litter change when available size changes. Usually the unit rate reduce when the size become bulk. When we know the required amount, we can go for the most appropriate size to minimize the cost.

4) Available places/ contact information

Almost all the price lists and trade literatures provides their contact information. (address/ telephone numbers/ email/ fax/ web sites)

Then if we want some further details about the items, the dealers can be directly contacted. Sometimes we can go for negotiations with them as well as it is very important when call for quotations.

5) Published date of the price list.

Almost all the time published date is given with the price list. Prices of goods change very fast without pre inform. The validity of the prices of a price lists are depend on the issued date. Therefore before refer a price list, check the issued date is very important. That information is very essential for Quantity Surveyor when do estimations. Always he/ she tend to use latest cost information to achieve the highest accuracy. But old price list also valuable when they mention the published date because then we can update those prices using price indices.

6) Available shapes/ sizes/ colors etc.

Even though in a same type of item, there can be different types of shapes, sizes, colors like that. When vary these features, prices, appearance, durability may also change.

Quantity Surveyor can update his knowledge by referring those literatures. Then he can instruct client and architect considering cost of them.

7) Mention whether the prices are including or excluding VAT

If the prices are including VAT the prices can be directly used. Otherwise we have to add the amount of VAT by referring VAT percentage.

8) Quality standard.

Sometimes in trade literatures, they mention the quality standard. It may be ISO, BS, SLS like that. That is a good proof to ensure the quality of those items.

That information is very useful to Quantity Surveyor. In BOQs most often provides the required quality of some items. When pricing those BOQ items, QS should use the prices of items which meet the required quality.

9) Pictures

With many trade literatures, they provides figures or picture of those items. Pictures and figures give a complicated idea about those items. That type of information is very important to architect and client because they are the people highly concern of aesthetics.

10) manufacture’s or importer’s name and trade mark

One of major information provided with the trade literatures. If the product is new to the industry or market, the name of the manufacture or importer gives a guarantee about the product to the buyer. If the manufacture is well renowned, usually we go for their products without any fear.

As a Quantity Surveyor we can give assurance to the contractor or client by referring the trade mark because we have past experiences about the producers and manufactures. Trade mark is something like a quality standard.


Price lists and trade literatures are very important sources of information in construction industry. They helps to enhance the knowledge about the items (goods) relating to current construction industry.

When we were doing this course work, we had to go through many price lists and trade literatures. They were provided by manufacturing companies and major whole sale suppliers. Almost all the time suppliers provide them when we go to buy those products. It is for our reference. Then we are capable to select the most appropriate one, sometimes it would be something another than we expected to buy.

Having a good knowledge about what is happening in the industry is very important to be a good professional Quantity Surveyor.

The modern world is very complex and dynamic. As a result the construction industry also changes rapidly. Various types of items come to the market day by day and their prices also change time to time. Therefore as professionals who involves in this field, we should updates the related knowledge. Trade literatures and price lists are a one of best way to fulfill that requirement.

By doing this assessment, the knowledge that we got is very important. We could get an idea about what are the information available in trade literatures and price lists. It is one of very important information sources of construction industry. As we have already gone through that source deeply, now we are thorough in trade literatures. We know how to refer them for our purposes. The knowledge to find where the information source and how to handle them is a big advantage for future carrier progression.