Top 5 Quantity Surveyors Near Oxford | Reviews

1. Langmead Associates

On all forms of residential land, both houses and apartments, old or modern, we will have complete building surveys, formerly known as structural surveys. Surveys for building include:

  • A detailed summary of the plan, development,b, and condition of the property and a survey
  • Reasonable and useful guidance on the cause and effect of cracking and motion, moisture, decay, and other structural problems
  • Advice on the needed specialist investigations
  • A review of the required emergency repairs and/or maintenance work
  • Comment on feasibility (if required) for alteration / extension
  • A short timetable of repair/upgrading work (if necessary)

Following the initial survey, we are frequently asked to provide more guidance, particularly concerning alterations and extensions. Please let us know if this is of concern when confirming directions so that we can better consider your proposals and advice on feasibility, possible costs, and planning specifications.

For commercial buildings, like malls, offices, factories, and warehouses, we will include building surveys. You will need to know the obligations and responsibilities enforced by the Contract, and the expense of those responsibilities, if you are considering purchasing a Leasehold home.

2. Front Five Estimating Ltd

  • Welcome to Front Five Calculating Ltd.’s online den.
  • Based in Oxford, we are an estimation and quantifying operation.
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We have been involved in ventures as varied as the 2012 Olympic Park to the Thames Water AMP1 & AM4 Frameworks, specialized in roads, sanitation, and substructures.Contracts range in value from £ 50,000 to £20,000,000. We are proud of the quality of our work and our clients’ success is paramount.

For take-off and quantity tests, we use the Causeway estimation device with CAD measure and use the Highways Calculation Form unless directed. We have a broad understanding of both the NEC 2 & 3 Contracts and the JCT and ICE.

3. The Estimating Group

We collaborate with subcontractors, primary vendors, developers, designers, engineers, other consultancies for estimating and quantity surveying, private customers, and suppliers. For any calculation or quantity survey specifications you can need, we will include a full kit.


AECOM-Program, Cost, Consultancy specialists, cost advisory services, project management, and related professional consulting services.
With the collective power of AECOM, including Davis Langdon, an AECOM group, our Program, Cost, Consultant experts provide private- and public-sector customers around the world with cost consulting, project management, and related professional consulting services.

5. quantity-surveying-practices

We provide Professional Quantity Surveying, Estimating, and Tendering services tailored to meet our client’s requirements that benefit in optimizing the Costing and increased Quality of the construction.

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