Roles and Responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor in Pre and Post Contract Stage

Roles and Responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor

Roles and responsibilities are a vital resource for any construction project that guarantees prompt completion of the project with limited effects on costs.

The success of a project rests in the proper utilization of its capital in these modern days, with minimal expenditures. More than ever before, skilled and reliable quantity surveyors are hired to accomplish this aim of building project owners.

Quantity Surveyors maximize operating productivity as much as possible in their project’s life cycle. This is achieved by negotiating the best possible value for the money of the owner and maintaining the costs as low as possible.

These surveyors can keep the project on track using their negotiating and mediation expertise, even though there are unforeseen events that may otherwise have triggered delays. The feasibility and cost study that they usually keep the owner or their employer up-to-date with the success and helps to reach optimum productivity over the life of the project.

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Role of a quantity surveyor in construction:

The quantity surveyor responsibilities include cost estimator, negotiator, project coordinator, and the most important expense manager role.

There could be a lot of experience for an accurate and successful surveyor. A broad portfolio of expertise for the surveyor is created by working on numerous projects in different industries.

This allows the project manager to complete the project without sacrificing the quality and quantities of material being used within the stipulated budget.

A quantity surveyor prepares major documentation such as Feasibility Reports, Cost Reports, Assessment Reports, and various different reports along the way across the project timeline.

For an accurate and effective surveyor, there may be a lot of experience. By working on several projects in various sectors, a large portfolio of experience is developed for the surveyor.

Pre And Post Contract Quantity Surveying

Maintaining the project on time:

Pre And Post Contract Quantity Surveying

Although the business schedules are originally created prior to the launch of a business, these papers serve to prepare the real budget. In any building scheme, though, there are always surprises. Weather delays, unexpected delays, scarcity of supplies, labor shortages, poor field delays, and much others may be part of some situations. Due to a disagreement between two parties, such as contractors and subcontractors, another project failure may occur. In such cases, the Quantity Surveyor’s negotiating and mediation expertise comes into play to try and equally and objectively solve the problems.

Holding the costs within the envelope is crucial to the project’s successful completion. As long as the conflict between the members of the project team is concerned, to prevent delays in the project, a quantity surveyor should use his expertise to play the role of a mediator. The Quantity Surveyors collaborate with both sides to come up with a win-win approach for both to keep the project on track. Read More

In any project, delays in payments are one of the main roadblocks. When avoiding this roadblock, a quantity surveyor plays a crucial role. The professional has kept a close eye on the budget and related expenses from the outset of the program. The surveyor is able to negotiate the best rates on any mission, having years of experience under his belt. This homework helps the owner make timely payments to stakeholders in the project, such as contractors, engineers, and workers, etc. The Quantity Surveyor keeps track of all payments to keep the project on track.

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