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Measured Building Survey

The precise structural calculation, without cutting corners. If you are an architect or house owner seeking to improve the home then you can obtain a comprehensive assessed assessment of the site that can be used with the zoning permission and architectural design. With our unique service, our senior management team gives you high-quality assurance, control, and checks.

Which Was Housing Survey Measured?

A measured survey of the building is a detailed and accurate measurement of your property that shows all the structural and architectural features. The survey collects your property ‘s data, measurements, and position of features.

These are correct and may be used for building or legal issues, unlike the designs of your estate agent. It is done before any work is carried out on your property, and it will be the basis from which other professionals will produce their designs and reports.

How much does it cost?

A Calculated Survey Fee begins at £ 250 + and relies on the following factors:

  • Number of needed Plans
  • Land scale
  • Mentioned Building Classification – It requires 3-4 hours on average to generate a proposal
  • Our House Surveying Facilities
  • We will supply you with the following Measured Building Surveys using our professional team:
  • Domestic Residences
  • Requires topographic survey
  • Schulen
  • Flat box
  • Commercial systems
  • Fabrics
  • Depository
  • Powerhouses
  • Aeropuertos
  • Stations in the Train

Why do They work?

We separate ourselves from other “businesses” because we are more a qualified company corporation than a one-man band-like most of the businesses you see on Google Search.  We have a special approach to minimize rising risks involved in an assessed survey of buildings. Dedicated CAD Designer & Snr. The engineer scrutinizes both sketches before delivery.

  • We plan all our quotes with RICS Assessed Property, Buildings, and Services Specifications.
  • We provide a general advisor to tackle large tasks.
  • Management offers continuing assistance to staff & clients at the facility.

Urgent Question?

If you are searching for a very urgent order for a 2-3 story domestic dwelling in less than 48hours, we have a special service to support.

  • We will survey in 1-2 hours using special equipment and tools. We will export the information to a specialist software from there so that 1-2 CAD technicians can break the information into the plans and sections you need.
  • We will provide you with a 24-hour project owing to the necessity, where we can conduct a night shift to complete the task.
  • Since this process is a fragile and hungry tool we can only perform this form of business on a first coming, first-served basis.

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