Factors Considered When Determination of Suitable Development Project

01. Location: Residential properties are typically found in urban, suburban, or rural areas. Urban areas are defined as relating to a city while suburban refers to areas nearby or adjacent to a city. Rural properties are located beyond suburban areas. When do the appraisal for the suitable project we had to consider the characteristics of those different locations? When selecting a project for a specific project for land, it is a must to consider the required area of the land. Because it is a very hard task to find large land in urban areas. Also, the value of land is very high in urban areas. As a result, it is a must to select a suitable project to get the maximum value of the land.

02. Availability of finance resources: When determining the suitable development, it is very important to consider the availability of financial resources. In that situation, it is suitable to consider the cash flow related to the project. For example, most investors will not buy mortgages secured by agricultural-type properties, undeveloped land, or land-development-type properties and etc.

03. Growth rate: The growth rate is another indicator of the marketability of the area. That highly affects the type of project which the investor expects to invest in. Read More

04. Demand and supply: Before establishing a project inland, it is very important to consider the demand and supply factors. Demand and supply highly affected by the type of project. In general, the demand for any type of project in urban areas is considerably higher than in rural areas.

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