CAD Software for Estimating Construction 

Have you ever considered using the CAD software to estimate building projects? If you’re a construction professional used to hand-create takeoff documents, you should consider using CAD software to do this.

  • The best way to save time and ensure the job goes smoothly from start to finish is by using CAD software for job estimates.
  • The use of CAD software to create job estimates in construction has multiple benefits.
  • Read more below to learn how to use CAD tools to predict building work, and why you should do it very carefully.

How it Works: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

Cad Software

At first, CAD ( computer-aided design) applications can seem daunting, but in fact, simpler programs are designed to feel just like drawing with pen and paper — and it doesn’t take much time to understand.

The ArcSite iPad app is the best CAD device for forecasting your jobs. ArcSite does painting takeoffs. If you are scanning/photographing and uploading the drawing to ArcSite, or using ArcSite to create a drawing from scratch, you are not going to go back to the calculations of pen and paper.ArcSite uses the characteristics of the sketches to create a text that can take off.

How’s this turning out? Inside your sketches, you can define metadata for particular shapes and symbols that you use.

For eg, if you are going to use a specific lighting fixture in your drawing, you can easily offer the symbol attributes which aid in the process of taking off. Notes about the wattage, mount height, Kelvin temp, and more can be entered.

Whenever you apply this symbol to the drawing, ArcSite knows the data is due and records quantity. You will file the plans, take-off papers, and related images in one tidy package when it’s time for delivery. It includes all the data, quantities, and more of the attributes.

Easy & Fast

Creating takeoffs has never been smoother and simpler than using our CAD tools. Users of ArcSite report time savings of 80 percent and generate takeoffs and estimates.

ArcSite ‘s mobile nature helps you to submit notifications online and only once on the job site, rather than double the work (paper or computer).

Collaborative & Consistent

We understand you are not the only one who is interested in the process. Clients, co-workers, subcontractors, and suppliers all touch the job and that ensures that teamwork and continuity are important.

Built to rapidly and efficiently connect and distribute, ArcSite offers many export options.

You will co-edit in real-time with the other members of your staff, and deliver the documents directly to those who need them with just a few taps of your phone.

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